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    Posted 26 days ago
    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

    Dear IMP Member,

    We are happy to announce that the new IMP forum and web site is ready to be launched.    A huge thank you and shout out to Amanda (Mandy) Harris, MD for all the volunteer work she has done to get it ready for prime time.  Without her skills, patience, and helpful attitude, this would not be possible.  

    Our Board had determined we can not sustain the cost of the current Higher Logic (HL) forum.   The new site takes advantage of open source and low cost software.  It is much more in line with the low overhead IMP model.  It will allow our organization to continue to be a resource for current and future members.

    The new IMP site is now reached at; eventually the URL will also point to the new site.  Current members of the site have full access to the new site and only need to do a password re-set to gain access. You can do that easily by going here: Be sure you are using the email address currently registered on the site.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply export our old forums and posts from the HL site to the new site.  We encourage everyone to go to the old site and if there is information that you want to save for yourself or bring to the new site, please help by printing threads to a PDF.  Instructions are as follows:

    1. Browse through and when you find a thread you want to turn into a PDF
    2. Write a quick post saying you are turning it into a PDF (so that no one else duplicates your work)
    3. Choose Ctrl+P to print and save it on your computer as a PDF
    4. Email it to

    As more people start to use the new site, undoubtedly there will be issues uncovered that need to be corrected.  We encourage you to share any problems by emailing or posting in the member forum.    Any suggestions for improvement are appreciated and encouraged.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we launch our new site.

    Ideal Medical Practice Board of Directors