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New Medical device that tests for PAD, CAN, Arterial stiffness, Neuropathy and BP Assessment

  • 1.  New Medical device that tests for PAD, CAN, Arterial stiffness, Neuropathy and BP Assessment

    Posted 08-16-2018 12:55
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    There is a new medical device called the NMS-100, the NMS-100 only takes 7 MINUTES to administer.  It is non-invasive and It tests 20 biomarkers of the vascular and Autonomic Nervous System!  It measures; PAD, Arterial Stiffness, B/P, CAN, Microcirculation and Small Fiber Neuropathy.

    This assessment allow you to INCREASE YOUR PRACTICE INCOME:
    -increase the number to CPT billed per visit (you can bill CPT codes: 95921 ANS Assessment, 93922 PAD Assessment, and 95923 Sudomotor Assessment for this test)
    -increase the number of office visits (repeat assessments is needed to determine treatment efficacy)

    This assessment allows you to BE MACRA/MIPS COMPLIANT
    -Allows Dr to objectively measure severity of disease complication and monitor treatment effectiveness.

    If want more information please call me at 612-221-8550 or if you just interested in viewing a 3 minute video on my website please send me an email address I can send over a personal identifier number to allow you on the site.

    Just a side note about myself.  My name is Casey Snow.  I am an occupational therapist in private practice since 2002.  I started working for Nex Medical Solutions about a year ago.  I found NMS-100 in my search for evaluation assessments.  I really liked the device was able to measure both the vascular and the nervous system at the same time.  The time it took for me to do a B/P and pulse assessment, this machine can do it all and it gives you a nice print out of the patients overall health.  The print out is so easy to follow, your score is on a continuum on normal - borderline- abnormal.  It even detects pre-diebetes before the patient becomes symptomatic.

    I wouldn't be tell you about this device if I didn't love it! If your interested call me we can set up a 30 minute appointment for anyone in your practice.

    Thank you for your time,
    Casey Snow, MA OTR/L 612-221-8550

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