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vacation coverage

  • 1.  vacation coverage

    Posted 08-08-2019 17:38
    If you have a colleague who can cover your practice when you go on vacation for couple of weeks per year, I suppose you have to buy a temporary medical liability insurance for them, besides paying them for the work.
    Has anyone done that? what is the cost, say per week? is that easy to do?
    Do you just manage your practices by phone while traveling and away?

    Thank you

    Oleg Reznik

  • 2.  RE: vacation coverage

    Posted 08-09-2019 08:25
    When I used to have another doctor cover my practice, I would have my
    staff triage the patients. The covering doctor would only see those who
    couldn't wait until my return. My staff would give the patient his
    office number to schedule an appointment and would then fax the
    pertinent information (this was paper chart era). Since I dissolved that
    arrangement I just manage my office remotely. Typically, my staff takes
    vacation the same time I do, so the patients get a message to go to
    urgent care for acute issues.

    Alancia Wynn, MD

  • 3.  RE: vacation coverage

    Posted 08-09-2019 09:13
    My policy covers a covering doctor with no additional cost. There are stipulations. Has to be similar specialty, limits on time, and you must be physically in a different geographic location.  Check with your insurance carrier but I imagine it's a pretty standard benefit.  Also make sure you clearly document the dates of coverage in your corporate minutes.

    Thomas Weiner

  • 4.  RE: vacation coverage

    Posted 08-09-2019 17:50
    most insurances cover a locums  check you rpolicy


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  • 5.  RE: vacation coverage

    Posted 08-09-2019 22:15
    for vacation coverage, my insurer (and I suspect most are the same) allows X number of days of someone covering for me a year. No additional paperwork is needed. I dont even need to tell them the name of who is covering for me. And X is high, like 6 weeks worth. 

  • 6.  RE: vacation coverage

    Posted 08-10-2019 06:22
    Sometimes i have had a house sitting cat tending  friend cover  they dont  do much  Mostly I manage remotely   I have a part time MA she can go in if I ask  to do a strep screen   I do e visits    see      I spend an hr or so waking up at laptop chekcing portal and faxes Occasionally someone ends up in er or there is something complex but not usually     I admit I do not  take huge clumps of time-- 1 week max      In the summer I take thursdays in August SInce I have wednesdays off that is delicious
     Also when I am away I tell every pharmacy     So they can dispense emergency supply of lisinopril


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