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Ideal Medical Practices (IMP) provides support to small, independent medical practices across the country. We're a peer-to-peer membership organization helping practices committed to relationship-based care succeed and thrive.

IMP is the only national nonprofit working to ensure that small practitioners across the country have what we need to continue to innovate and grow in today’s challenging and changing healthcare environment.

The member clinics of IMP are provider-owned with fewer than six practitioners. Each is designed around the core philosophy that the strength of the patient-provider relationship is the single biggest determinant of health outcomes. The business and clinical structures of IMP practices are developed to support this philosophy of care, and encompass diverse models. In IMP, there is no one size that fits all.  Each clinic is exactly right for the provider, the provider’s patients, and their community.  

And IMP is here to help. As an organization, we provide the tools, education and community network we all need. We work to achieve the goal of our practices to deliver exactly the care patients want and need, exactly when they want and need it, while preserving autonomy, work-life balance, and job satisfaction for our member providers.  

Together we can continue to work independently by having a common voice, sharing resources and ideas, and advocating for a system that includes and supports small independent medical providers nationwide.  

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    Does anyone belong to the national association for the slef employed? They seem to have a lot of beenfits and  perhaps access to health insurance.. currently health insurance is killing me as I am gettin gold  I make a littel more every yr and 99% of ...

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    attached is my writeup on how to start a practice its a few years old but the gist is the same I also saved it to this website somewhere under docs... ------------------------------ PJ Parmar ------------------------------

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    Adam, What code / codes do you use for drawing blood? I rarely draw blood in part because Medicare only reimburses my office $3 for a 36415.  More importantly, two national are about a mile away.  And most labs are done before visits so I have them when ...

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